Trip to sense the historic Texture of Life.



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Trip to sense the historic Texture of Life.
Passed 10 years since Tohoku earthquake. A land where a lot of life and scenery have been lost due to the violence of nature, beautiful landscapes, that people has made up, and culture that is not only arts but also necessary things for people are still nurtured and deeply rooted every day by the powerful nature, the courage and wisdom of people who live there. Negative image of the disaster turned to positive image as ‘’Reborn-Art=People’s way to live’’, and while being close to nature, it connects people and is expanding. Ishinomaki city, Miyagi prefecture, which is rich in sea and the earth, is a place where historic and new cultures meet, and it is a town where people’s lives and the blessings of nature coexist. Even after the disaster, many people visited Ishinomaki, and its beauty and strength has been passing down to people. Why don’t you experience a trip to feel ‘’Texture of Life’’ while enjoying art, culture and food in Ishinomaki?


Sense them.
You can be a part of the world of the art which is harmonized with nature in Ishinomaki where hold an art festival, ‘’Reborn-Art Festival’’ which over 440,000 people comes from over the world. Focusing on ‘’White deer(oshika)’’, which symbolizes Ishinomaki journey, your all experiences, which you hear, smell, see, how amazing the traditional handworks are and Japanese food culture, in Ishinomaki will be your ‘’Art’’ experience.

More Detail
Have the Lives.
There is one of the world’s three major fishing grounds, Kinkazan Offing. During the journey of Ishinomaki, that has the fertility earth which is surrounded by beautiful river, ocean and mountains, you can have many seasonal foods. Fresh foodstuffs, which is like gifts from forests and ocean, field crops, which farm producers cultivated heartily, and their thoughts will be served on your table. The experience of the foods of Ishinomaki, which is cooked by the chefs, who prize the taste of ingredients, makes you feel like having ‘’Lives’’, and will touch your heart.
Talk with nature.
Ishinomaki boasts the second largest population and is very convenient in Miyagi prefecture, but if you drive toward the east for 30 minutes, you will see ‘’Oshika Peninsula’’, which is characterized by a ria coast, and mysterious scenery of deep mountains and ocean. From the southern tip of the peninsula, you can see the legendary island of worship, ‘’KINKAZAN’’. The golden sea at sunrise and sunset and time to interact with deep forests where wild animals seem to be hiding will definitely be your exclusive trip.


About 2 hours and 40 minutes from Tokyo to Ishinomaki
Ishinomaki city is located at northeast of MIYAGI which is in TOHOKU. It takes about hour and a half to go Sendai station which is entarance of Miyagi from Tokyo by Shinkansen. From Sendai station to Ishinomaki takes about an hour. As you get closer, you can enjoy nature and changing scenary by season through the train’s window. We’re welcoming you to come Ishinomaki.


  • White Deer (Oshika)


    A Stray Deer Whose Expression Changes According to the Time

    White Deer (Oshika)


    Since ancient times, deer have been regarded as divine messengers or divine creatures in such beliefs as animism and Shinto. With their numbers increasing in Japan in recent years, the deer that sometimes appear in villages are called “stray deer”.(Kohei Nawa)

  • White Road


    Facing the Sky, Ocean, and Kinkasan at the Edge of the Peninsula

    White Road


    The white road extends through the woods, up toward the sky, and to the sea. Approaching Kinkasan, at the point where waves are visible, can’t you see the birds frolicking there? That is the place to rediscover nature.(SHIMABUKU)

  • room KINKAZAN


    The Room That a Poet Keeps Visiting

    room KINKAZAN


    A room on the second floor of Hotel New Sakai is an exhibition space where Gozo Yoshimasu always stayed when he came to Ayukawa to prepare for his exhibition. Here you can see these newborn poems, which he wrote while gazing out at Kinkasan, and the place where Yoshimasu created his work. (GOZO YOSHIMASU)

  • Microcosmos -Melody-


    A Resplendent Piano Newly Installed in Front of the Station

    Microcosmos -Melody-


    Surrounded as we are by things we cannot control, I want this work to bring color to the hearts of everyone. I hope the piano serves as a tool for different generations to communicate and allows everyone to make colorful melodies together.(Sebastian Masuda)

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Tour around Ishinomaki



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石巻の旅、まずはここから! 旅の玄関口『IRORI』

In Ishinomaki city, which is the closest to the epicenter of the Tohoku earthquake, a lot of creative movements that have never been seen before has been created after the earthquake. There is one of the things that Reborn-Art Festival supports. It is a café ‘’IRORI Ishinomaki’’ which the garage has been renovated by D.I.Y. It takes about 10 minutes from Ishinomaki Station by walking central shopping arcade. At IRORI Ishinomaki, that has coworking space and event hall, many art events, which is related to RAF, has been held. Also, they sell original goods. If you talk to cafe staff, they may tell you the latest information of RAF and recommended spots in Ishinomaki. Please use it as a base of your trip of Ishinomaki.

※There is no parking lot. Please use Kawamachi multi-story parking lot (5 minutes by walk). You can use for free for 2 hours.

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